Don’t just be a good Code Developer

Vinícius Pereira de Oliveira
3 min readNov 6, 2019


The world is crazy my friend. Everything changes so fast!
Ok, our parents and our grandparents also thought so with great innovations of their time.

But, they were not in a globally linked society as we are.
We live with the many advantages and benefits of the internet when it is free, but the global connection goes far beyond the ability to socially interact globally.

Have you ever wondered what the complete context of the software you are developing at this time? The context of this exactly moment ?

Do you develop logistics software? A disruptive product for a startup? A critical health care system? A government software?
Maybe event-oriented microservices for online cryptocurrency, stock exchange or gold trading?

Have you sought information about geopolitical movement and how it affects imports and exports? Do you understand where exactly the new disruptive product fits into the inflated economic situation of nations? Will the startup be alive in 3 years?

It would be interesting if developers were more aware of how and where their art of coding (or responsibility for new bugs) can be important in healthcare and how citizen information should be secure as the state still holds our information.

I could be writing this just to tell you how much you would be improving your skills if you learn from each work context and how it would make you more desired by the job market. While this is true, my goal is another. Think about how productive this can be for you personally.

I’ve had conversations that were worth more than college classes with people from other areas in the same project. A non-technical person.
Before simply ignoring a Product Owner because he or she never wrote code, try to understand why he/she really needs software to be accurate.
You may learn much more about trading from power suppliers and have broader notions of the stock market than in specific formations/courses. It depends on how willing you are.

Now think a little more…
You have decided to save money or invest in assets that your bank manager has guided. Most in own bank bonds.
However, you develop software for real estate market analysis, which measures variables such as inflation, population income growth, and interest rate. Your P.O. asks if your application architecture can deliver faster results for decision analysis. You can and should get as much technical information as possible to make the application fit the needs of the business, but if you seek to understand the business in detail, you may find that your bank income is ridiculous and perhaps it would be better to seek market income. Real estate… Or another.

Perhaps you understand the thinking logic behind the search for better investments and it is the beginning of something good that you don’t expect.
One thing that is evident today is that things are increasingly dependent on technology, software, and talented people to code. Your main skill will still be very valuable. But the world also needs people who are trying to be learning new things all the time, multidisciplinary thinking.

Believe me, even your technical decisions can be more assertive in seeking richer details within the context of your codes.

Thank’s for reading.